How To Work With EZdrummer And Superior Drummer

How To Work With EZdrummer And Superior Drummer

“How to Work with EZdrummer and Superior Drummer”

In today’s music production landscape, electronic drums have become an essential tool for musicians and producers seeking versatility and precision in their rhythm tracks. Software solutions like EZdrummer and Superior Drummer have further revolutionized the way we work with electronic drums, offering a treasure trove of sounds, customization options, and unparalleled flexibility. In this guide, we’ll explore how to harness the full potential of electronic drums within these powerful drum software applications.

1. Choosing the Right Electronic Drum Kit

The journey begins with the selection of your electronic drum kit. Ensure that it is MIDI-compatible, as this will enable seamless integration with drum software. MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is the language that allows electronic drums to communicate with your computer and drum software.

2. Connect and Configure Your Setup

  • Hardware Connection: Connect your electronic drum kit to your computer using a USB-MIDI cable or a standard MIDI interface. Ensure that your kit is correctly powered and recognized by your computer’s operating system.
  • Software Setup: Launch your chosen drum software, whether it’s EZdrummer or Superior Drummer, and configure it to recognize your electronic drum kit as the input device. Refer to the software’s manual or online resources for specific setup instructions.

3. Explore Drum Libraries and Sound Options

Both EZdrummer and Superior Drummer offer extensive libraries of drum sounds and percussion instruments. Take the time to explore and audition different drum kits, snare drums, cymbals, and percussion elements. These libraries are meticulously crafted and provide the foundation for your drum tracks.

4. Customize Your Drum Sound

  • Kit Customization: Dive into the software’s settings to customize your drum kit. You can adjust drum head tension, add damping, modify microphone placements, and experiment with various drum processing options to shape your sound.
  • MIDI Mapping: Ensure that your electronic drum kit’s triggers are correctly mapped to the corresponding drum elements in the software. This mapping ensures that when you hit a pad on your electronic kit, the corresponding sound is triggered in the software.

5. Record and Edit Your Drum Tracks

  • Recording: Create a new project or session in your digital audio workstation (DAW) and set up a MIDI track for your drum software. Record your drum performance in real-time using your electronic kit. Remember to play with dynamics and expression for a natural feel.
  • Editing: After recording, you can fine-tune your drum performance using the MIDI editor in your DAW. Adjust note velocities, timing, and add any necessary MIDI controller data for expressive playing, like hi-hat pedal control or snare drum buzz rolls.

6. Mixing and Effects

Once you’ve recorded your drum tracks, it’s time to mix and enhance the sound:

  • Mixing: Use your DAW’s mixing tools to balance the drum elements in your mix. Adjust the volume, panning, and EQ to fit the drum sound seamlessly into your production.
  • Effects: Experiment with effects like reverb, compression, and saturation to sculpt your drum sound further. Both EZdrummer and Superior Drummer offer built-in effects and allow for third-party VST plugin integration.

7. Export and Integrate

After crafting the perfect drum track, export it as audio files from your DAW. These files can then be integrated into your overall mix, alongside other instruments and vocals, to create a complete song.


Working with electronic drums in software like EZdrummer and Superior Drummer offers limitless creative possibilities for musicians and producers. With the right setup, customization, and creative exploration, you can achieve professional-grade drum tracks that enhance the rhythm and groove of your music. Embrace the power of electronic drums and drum software to take your music production to new heights of sonic excellence.

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