Unlock Lightning Cymbals



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Unlock Lightning Cymbals are the new generation of electronic cymbals in the electronic drum world.

The Lightning series brings all the advantages you can look for in an electronic cymbal –

Improved triggers
Bell zone is raised and more sensitive
A new skin made of a special material ?
Gives a more realistic feeling
No signs of drumming, easy to clean, high resistance to dirt

360 edge sensor

We are ready to admit it – we have created the best electronic cymbal.

The Lightning series comes in 2 colors –
gray and black
There is no technical difference between the colors, the difference is only in the skin.

You will not find an electronic shade that will give you a more realistic feeling than the Unlock Lightning series.

It’s time for you to move forward with your electronic drums.

Unlock Lightning Cymbals
Unlock Lightning Cymbals
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