20 Inch Electronic Cymbal – 3zone Ride Black Cymbal – Unlock Lightning

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Upgrade your drums to the next level




The new series that everyone has been waiting for has started!

The Lightning series is characterized by several significant improvements

Improved triggers
Bell zone is raised and more sensitive
A new skin made of a special material
Gives a more realistic feeling
No signs of drumming, easy to clean, high resistance to dirt

360 edge sensor

We created the perfect cymbal!

A huge 20 inch e-cymbal

Super thin with a smooth surface

High sensitivity and response in every part


Bell, ride and edge

Real cymbal feel

2 –  1/4 inputs

Suitable for a wide selection of brands

This ride electronic cymbal will make you understand why you can love electronic drums.

A large electronic cymbal with a raised and sensitive bell area.

This electronic cymbal will confuse you because it feels like a real cymbal.

Suitable for Roland modules and modules based on the Roland principle.

6 reviews for 20 Inch Electronic Cymbal – 3zone Ride Black Cymbal – Unlock Lightning

  1. James

    Excellent cymbal, I ordered it and the Monster 14 Hi Hat.

    I am very satisfied with the quality and service. Thanks !

  2. Kelly

    Works great, I replaced my lemon with this one, much more realistic.

  3. Nick

    Great upgrade to my electronic set. Thanks

  4. Alex

    Excellent cymbal, thumbs up

  5. San

    Today I played this cymbal, great response and moves like a real cymbal! highly recommended

  6. Felix

    Excellent cymbal, thanks for excellent service.

    Highly recommended!

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