Avatar PD705 Electronic Percussion Pad



Avatar PD705 Electronic Percussion Pad



Avatar PD705 Electronic Percussion Pad

The perfect pad for any gig or studio

9 pads, with 4 external trigger input,

2 external switch pedal input ;

592 sounds, 30 preset drum kits, and 20 drum kits for user define.

Can be took as an independent percussion instrument or can also be played along with the drum set which will bring you a good performance experience.


Sampling function: users can collect their own recording sounds as drum kits, and import their own sounds through U disk

Loop function: strike the drum pad to start or stop a loop, its easy and will bring much more fun for your performance.

Double – layer sound: each pad with two (A/B layer) different sounds; two sounds can be produced mixed or independent by setting

Drum sound exchange: sound for each pad is exchangeable by setting, which can suit for different users requirement

Effects function: EQ\Reverb\L imit


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