LEMON T950 Electronic Drum Set



LEMON T950 Electronic Drum Set

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LEMON T950 Electronic Drum Set

Every drummer’s dream

Lemon’s T950 provides the ultimate electronic drumming experience with an acoustic feel.

A large 9-piece electronic drum set that gives the feeling of an acoustic drum set

All drums are made of wood and with adjustable and replaceable mesh nets

Drums with super high sensitivity and advanced drumming comfort

Suitable for electronic drummers who do not want to compromise on small pads and drumming comfort.

Drum specs:

Snare drum 13 inch Dual Zone (drum) including snare stand

2 tom drums 10 inch Dual Zone (drums)

Floor drum 13 inch Dual Zone (drum and rim) with legs

20 inch bass drum including bass pedal

2 Hi Hat pieces – 12 inches including stand

2 crash cymbals 13 inch Dual Zone and choke including stands for cymbals and tem holders

Ride cymbal 18 inch Triple zone (ride end and bell) and choke including stand


Sounds module:

Sliders for changing the intensity in each element / adding effects / changing EQ

A large and easy-to-use editing screen

645 professional sounds

25 built-in sets

5 USER sets for building user sets

Recording | Built-in metronome

A MIDI USB connection that enables a link to professional sound software and a selection of Midi channels

Headphone input

2 outputs for amplification (Left Right)

AUX input

Editing and programming option for each element (Sensitivity/trig/trash and more)

bluetooth connection

Option to expand with 2 more triggers


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