Our products are carefully designed to make electronic drumming more realistic.

We as drummers understand the need to play electronic drums for many reasons.

But, drumming on electronic drums should not be a compromise, that’s why we produce a wide range of solutions for electronic drums that make the drumming experience better, more realistic and more accurate.

Electronic cymbals

Our electronic cymbals are specially designed to give electronic drummers the feel of real cymbals both in surface and size.

The design of our cymbals is carefully prepared, starting from the high sensitivity during playing to the thin thickness which gives the cymbal movement and feedback to the drumstick during playing.

Our products fit most Roland modules – TD 4 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 15 / 17 / 25 / 27

Please note The TD12/20/30 series have the reverse problem.
So in 3zone cymbals you have to reverse the connectors inside the cymbal.

Any of our electronic cymbals with 2zone will fit any module with a TRS 1/4 connector

Single drums and triggers

All of our single drums and triggers fit all brands of products as long as the connector is TRS 1/4

Our prices –

Our prices give you the opportunity to enjoy quality products at affordable prices, our products stand up in quality to big and famous brands, but our price is significantly lower, and all this with the aim of breaking the market of brands that exaggerate their prices.

Our electronic drums –

Our drums come as a complete set with all the required accessories –
All stands, bass pedal, drum chair, carpet and other accessories.

Our drums are manufactured to a high standard from the massive accessories to all the high quality parts of the drums

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