Electronic Cymbals


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Welcome to our world of electronic cymbals.

Here you can find a wide variety of e-cymbals from a variety of brands and models.

Unlock E-cymbals :

Our electronic cymbals are specially designed to give electronic drummers the feel of real cymbals both in surface and size.

The design of our cymbals is carefully prepared, starting from the high sensitivity during playing to the thin thickness which gives the cymbal movement and feedback to the drumstick during playing.

Our products fit most Roland modules – TD 9 / 11 / 15 / 17 / 25

Please note The TD12/20/30 series have the reverse problem.
So in 3zone cymbals you have to reverse the connectors inside the cymbal.

All of our single drums and triggers fit all brands of products as long as the connector is TRS 1/4

The Lightning series is characterized by several significant improvements ?

Improved triggers
Bell zone is raised and more sensitive
A new skin made of a special material
Gives a more realistic feeling
No signs of drumming, easy to clean, high resistance to dirt

360 edge sensor

Electronic Cymbals

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