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In recent years the madness of electronic drummers has risen to try and build their own DIY electronic drums

DIY electronic cymbals

DIY electronic drum

And many other solutions.

Today, the electronic drum industry does not give us drummers the opportunity to be exposed to all the possibilities that exist in the world of electronic drums, and if you found the solution… they will demand a lot of money from you.

We are crazy about the field, we don’t believe that we should keep our abilities and secrets to ourselves.
Rather, to share everything we know in the DIY world of electronic drums so that you too can upgrade your electronic drums, or build your own electronic drums.

The products you will find with us have been carefully tested and tested, every product found on our website has passed all possible tests so that you can enjoy a professional solution at a fair price.

An electronic cow bell

DIY electronic cymbal

Electronic drum trigger

Acoustic drum triggers

Congratulations…we found the solution for you.

Triggers set for acoustic drums
Triggers set for acoustic drums
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