Meet Our Drums Trigger UFO plates.

Meet Our Drums Trigger UFO plates.

Meet Our Drums Trigger UFO plates.

Our UFO trigger plates make the world of converting electronic to acoustic drums very simple and easy.

A UFO drum trigger is actually a hard plastic plate designed in such a way that it can transmit the vibration to the triggers installed on it in an optimal way.

There are 3 types of UFO plates:

Plates in sizes 10 and 12 inches
14 inch plates
14 inch plate with 3 triggers

All trigger plates are dualzone

So what are the differences between the plates?

The 10 and 12 inch plates come with a middle trigger and a rim trigger
The trigger rim of these plates comes with a double-sided sticker and is intended to be attached independently by the drummer, this is done so that the drummer can choose the most convenient trigger rim point for him while drumming.

The 14 inch trigger plate comes with a middle trigger and with a trigger rim already installed on the plate.

The rim trigger is at the bottom of the plate and receives the vibrations through the vibration bars that are in the plate design.

This was done because the UFO 14 plate came from thinking about a plate designed for an acoustic snare drum, of course it fits any 14 inch drum.

UFO 14 inch plate with 3 triggers-

This plate is based on the principle of the normal 14-inch Dual Zone plate, with the main difference being that this plate has 3 triggers in the upper part, which reduces the chance of a hot spot, besides these triggers, the plate also has a trigger rim in its lower part.

As we said, UFO trigger pads are the easy way to turn acoustic drums into electronic.

The installation is very simple –

Open the drum and remove the drum head.
Take the TRS connector and screw it into the air hole (some drums must be adjusted to the size of the air hole)

Place the UFO trigger plate
Place a mash drum head
Close the screws
And that’s it – you have a professional electronic drum.

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