Who Needs a 20 Inch Electronic Ride Cymbal – You!

Who Needs a 20 Inch Electronic Ride Cymbal - You!

Who Needs a 20 Inch Electronic Ride Cymbal – You!

So why is there a buzz around our huge Reid cymbal?
It’s true that electronic drum manufacturers got us used to small electronic cymbals,

10-inch or maybe 12-inch electronic cymbals… but the manufacturers won’t give you a large 20-inch electronic cymbal, and if they give you a 14-inch one, you’ll pay a lot for it.

So why actually?

You can’t argue about it, when it comes to electronic drums we always try to achieve the feeling of acoustic drums.

As soon as you put a 20-inch electronic ride on your set, some significant things will change –

Feedback –

A small electronic cymbal does not give feedback, it does not swing and does not respond to the movement of your stick.

The 20 inch Ryde cymbal flows with your movement, reacting to your stick.
Just like you play a normal cymbal, you have motion feedback from the movement of the cymbal.

Bell zone –

With a normal cymbal you don’t have to guess where the bell is, but simply play it.
Same thing with our cymbal, the bell area is raised and you don’t have to look for it, just bang on it and it will produce the bell sound.

Appearance does matter –

When you sit down to play an electronic drum set, you want to feel drums and not a toy, when you have a 20 inch electronic ride.. you feel drums.

It’s big, it’s thin, and it responds like a regular ride cymbal.

You deserve to enjoy your electronic drums.

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