B20 Electronic Drum Set



Electronic drums with full size pads and performance of pro acoustic set

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9-Pieces impressive electronic drum set

Sizes of acoustic drum set.

This electronic drum set is built from High end finishes acoustic drums high level shells  and in large sizes, which gives you the feeling of an acoustic set.

Perfect fit for Roland or ATV modules.

Perfect for any drummer who wants to upgrade the electronic set and turn it into a super professional set.

The set does not include a module and  stands.

Drum specs

Kick 18X12

Snare 14X5

Tom1 10X7

Tom2 10X7.5

Tom 3 14X14

2 Pieces electronic Hi-hat 12 inches

Electronic cymbal – Crash1 14 inches *2 Dual Zone

Electronic cymbal – Crash2 17 inches *2 Dual Zone

Electronic cymbal – Ride 17 inches triple zone




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