Unlock DV1949 Electronic Drum Set



Unlock DV1949 Electronic Drum Set

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The true full-size lacquered drum shell has a solid and majestic appearance;

the tom adopts multi-point trigger technology, with no popping sound and good dynamics;

the world’s first BNB patented snare drum perfectly eliminates crosstalk and has three layers of high-quality mesh;

the bass drum is the latest The adjustment system makes the foot feel more controllable;

14-inch simulated 2-piece hi-hat makes pedaling and shaking more natural; 17-inch crash and 20-inch ride bring better feel,

lower noise and more realistic shaking; T900 series heavy-duty Hardware is the top of the electronic drums.


Tom1- 10X5.5

Tom2- 12X5.5

Tom3- 14X14

SNR –  14X5.5

Kick – 20X16


Ride – 20″ 3Zone Cymbal

Crash1 –  17″ 2Zone Cymbal

Crash2 – 17″ 2Zone Cymbal

Hi-Hat – 14″ 2 pieces HH

Module  DV

350 sounds
35 built-in kits
14 users
6 built-in songs
2 user songs
Built-in metronome

Headphone volume
AUX volume

headphone output
Main output Left/Right


Midi OUT
USB Midi

Trigger Extensions
Tom 4

RIM function

Trigger calibration settings
System settings


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