Unlock Lightning II Electronic Drum Set Blue Wood



Unlock Lightning II Electronic Drum Set Blue Wood



The new 2024 Unlock Lightning series has arrived.


Tom1- 10X6.5

Tom2- 12X7

Tom3- 14X12

Metal shell 4 triggers SNR –  14X5

Kick – 20X17


Ride – 17″ 3Zone Cymbal

Crash1 –  16″ 2Zone Cymbal

Crash2 – 16″ 2Zone Cymbal

Hi-Hat – 12″ 2 pieces HH

Lightning  Module  

Module specification –

10 sets
10 users
Trigger in- Crash 4 | Crash 3
Master output left/right
Built-in Bluetooth
Editing for each element
Training program

timbre parameters

parameter name scope
Phase -64…0…+63
reverb send 0…127
timbre brightness 0…127
Tone (semitone) -24…0…+24
fine-tuning 0…127

Effect parameter table

parameter name scope
balanced high frequency 0=-12dB, 64=0dB, 127=+12dB
High frequency gain 0=-12dB, 64=0dB, 127=+12dB
low frequency 0=40Hz, 64=500Hz, 127=1kHz
Low frequency gain 0=900Hz, 64=3kHz, 127=5kHz
reverberation Reverberation amount 0 (mute) to 127(max) 
Reverberation duration 0…127
Room type 0..2=Room, 3..4=Hall, 5=Plate
size of space 0(maximum)…4(minimum)
compression Ratio 127=1/128, 126=2/128 (1/64), 125=3/128, ? 64=64/128 (1/2), ? 0=1/1 
Boost 0=1x … 127=8x
Threshold 127=0dB, 64=-6dB, 32=-12dB, 16=-18dB, 8=-24dB, 4=-30dB, 2=-36dB 0=-Inf
Attack 0=fast attack (0.1ms), ? 60=1ms, ?100=10ms, till 127=slow attack (100ms)
Release 0=fast release (10ms), ? 60=100ms, ? 100=1s, till 127=slow release (~5s)

Drum kit list

1 1’st Unlock
2 Rock
3 Funk
4 Jazz
5 Stadium
6 Record
7 Speed
8 Pop
9 Live
10 Metal




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